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Gilland, Francis. Francis Gilland was created by Robert W. Chambers (Cardigan, Rue Carew, Green Mouse Society, Westrel Keen, William Manners, Special Messenger, Percy Smith) and appeared in at least five stories in various magazines from 1899 to 1904, beginning with “The Harbor-Master” (Ainslee’s Magazine, Aug. 1899); the stories were collected in In Search of the Unknown (1904).

Francis Gilland is a zoologist who works for the Bronx Zoological Gardens. His boss is Professor Farrago, who is continually sending Gilland out on various missions to find and capture animals. There are complications, of course. Some of the animals are supposed to be mythological. Others are in faraway locations, difficult to reach and dangerous to enter. And everywhere he goes, Gilland finds pretty women to chase after and "termagants” and "viragos" who have authority over him and make his life miserable. Even though Gilland retrieves auks, dingues, an ux, and invisible women, he is always plagued by women ordering him around.

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