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Gila Jack. Gila Jack was created by “Buck Warren,” the pseudonym of Warren Carleton (Sailor Anson), and appeared in a number of stories in Wild West Weekly in 1940, beginning with “Gila Jack’s Day to Howl” (Wild West Weekly, Aug. 3, 1940).

Gila Jack Bolan used to be a scoundrel and outlaw, but he’s retired now, a victim of injury (he took a bullet to the leg) and old age. Now he lives in Steer City with his fearsome, large wife, Big Belle, running a boarding house. Occasionally, however, an old partner of his arrives in town, and they end up having adventures in which Gila Jack proves that age shall not wither him completely. He’s a good shot despite having only one good eye: “its mate had been gouged to a quizzical slit in tooth-and-toenail combat.”

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