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Ghost (II). The Ghost (II) was created by Wyatt Blassingame (Bishop, Joe Fall, Allen Foster, Joe Gee, Necessary Jones, John Smith (II), Thin Man) and appeared in fourteen stories in Ace G-Men from 1939 to 1943, beginning with “The Ghost Wears a Badge” (Ace G-Man, Sept. 1939).

The Ghost (II) is Brian O'Reilly, a former stage magician who is forced to kill a foreign agent during a counterespionage mission. In the aftermath of that fight O’Reilly is declared legally dead, but he recovers from his wounds and the F.B.I. begins employing him as an undercover agent. O’Reilly reports directly to The Chief (implicitly J. Edgar Hoover) and uses disguise, sleight-of-hand, and ventriloquism to track down and catch the bad guys.

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