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Gentleman Jack. Gentleman Jack was created by John Paul Jones (Bert Donaldson) and appeared in four stories in Dime Western Magazine and 10 Story Western Magazine from 1934 to 1938, beginning with “Gentleman Jack Fills His Hand” (Dime Western Magazine, Aug. 1934).

“Gentleman Jack” Tamarisis is a gambler in boom camps and frontier towns.

He knew that there were those…who hated him for his fastidious dress, his soft-spoken urbanity. For his was a peculiar status in the mining camps which knew him. Respected by many because he played a square game of stud and draw; he was hated by others because he championed the weak and oppressed. Yet, even those who hated him had a wholesome respect for his uncanny ability with the blue-barreled .44 that reposed in its holster beneath the black frock coat.

He is a “tall, lithe man, immaculately clad in black frock coat; trousers tucked into polished boots; a triangle of white shirt showing above the V of his vest. A soft, black Stetson was a slant upon hair that was raven except for the gray tinges at the temples.”

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