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Gentle, Hawk. Hawk Gentle was created by “Wolf Wilson,” the pseudonym of J.H. Wilson, and appeared in a number of stories in Quick Trigger Stories of the West, beginning with “Bolt From The Blue” (Quick Trigger Stories of the West, Aug/Sept 1930).

“Hawk” Gentle is a cowboy sleuth in the contemporary west. He is a younger man and is only the deputy in Warbonnet. The sheriff is the crusty older man Dee Sharp. The older men in the area sneer at Gentle–“Hawk” is a contemptuous nickname–because he is eager and is always scribbling notes at crime scenes and trying to discover the motives for crimes. But Gentle is energetic, observant, and appropriately hard, and proves himself to Sheriff Sharp and the others in Warbonnet by solving difficult crimes.

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