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Geier, Florian. Florian Geier (or Geyer) was a leader of the 1524-1525 Peasants’ Revolt in Germany. After some initial successes the peasants were defeated and their leaders, including Geier, were executed. In 1907 Florian Geier was the hero of the German dime novel Florian Geier's Kampf mit den Raubrittern #1-50 (1907).

Florian Geier's Kampf fictionalized Geier’s real life and portrayed him as a Robin Hood-like figure as well as the noble leader of oppressed peasants, fighting corrupt aristocrats, and taking on werewolves and pirates. He wages war on the oppressive upper classes as well as fights "The Devil's Claw," meets Dr. Faust, meets Gotz von Berlichingen, and combats the scoundrely Black Riders. 

The fictional Geier appears in stories with titles like “Among Assassins,” “The Black Knight and his Mercenaries,” and “The Tyrant of Weinsberg.”

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