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Gee, Joe. Joe Gee was created by Wyatt Blassingame (Bishop, Joe Fall, Allen Foster, Ghost (II), Necessary Jones, John Smith (II), Thin Man) and appeared in “Mistress of the Worm-Men” (Dime Mystery Magazine, Feb. 1940) and “Beware the Boneless Death!” (Dime Mystery Magazine, May 1940).

Joe Gee is a Disabled Detective; he suffers from insomnia. Gee lives in New Orleans and hires himself out to the local paper, the Democrat, for cases. Gee has brown hair but a drawn, sour, and haggard face and eyes crisscrossed with red veins. He is irritable and talks to himself and generally shows the usual signs of insomnia. Eventually he discovers a drug which will give him six hours of sleep every night no matter what.

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