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Ge Nenniang. Ge Nenniang was created by “A Ying,” the pseudonym of the Chinese playwright Qian Xingcun, and appeared in the play Mingmo Yihen (1939).

Near the end of the Ming Dynasty Ge Nenniang is a beautiful Nanjing courtesan. She is worried about the Manchu threat and continually practices her swordplay, and when she hears about the fall of Yangzhou she persuades her lover, Sun Kexian, to join the Ming forces in Fujian. She later joins him there, but the Manchu forces overwhelm the Ming defenders, and a Ming general surrenders rather than fight. Ge, Sun, and a group of peasant women hold out until the very end, and when Ge and Sun are captured, she bites her tongue and spits blood in the face of the Manchu general who has captured her.

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