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Gaunt, Crispin. Crispin Gaunt appeared in at least forty stories in Triumph and Wizard from 1932 to 1939.

Crispin Gaunt is an Africa Hand. In the jungles of West Africa Crispin Gaunt runs a "portable light railway" for stranded travelers and scientists or for people looking to stock their zoos with large and recalcitrant animals. The English Gaunt always wears his best in the jungle: he sports a monocle, a spotless silk jacket and shorts, and twelve school ties, which he wears in rotation. (Gaunt had been thrown out of all twelve schools, but he still feels loyal to them). Gaunt’s porters are fanatically (even mindlessly) loyal to him and distrust any "white lord" who does not "carry a window in his eye." Gaunt is also a great hunter, tracker, and wrestler.

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