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Garth, Sidney. Sidney Garth was created by "Scott Campbell," the pseudonym of Frederick W. Davis (Felix Boyd, Barton Edgeworth, Jack Lightfoot, Richard Ravenswood), and appeared in five stories in Popular Magazine in 1908, beginning with "A Master of Mysteries” (Popular Magazine, Feb. 1908).

Sidney Garth is an amateur investigator with an unhappy background. Some years before the series began he had spent three years in Sing Sing for an unnamed crime which he did not commit. While in prison Garth’s parents died, and he canceled his engagement to his fiancée and his membership in various clubs, thus ruining his social standing. After being released from jail he moved to New York City and began working as a private detective. He is very good at it, which is fortunate, because with his attitude he is unsuitable for any other work. He is one of the most foul-tempered detectives ever, being nasty and abrasive to everyone, even his only assistant, Michael Macklin, a red-headed, stereotypical Irishman who counts as Garth's only real friend. (Garth refuses to let anyone get close to him). Garth disdains everyone, especially the police, who he takes a special pleasure in mocking and demeaning. Garth is extremely strong and is a brutal hand-to-hand fighter who thinks nothing of taking on many opponents at once. He is very pale, with dark hair shot through with gray and with "frigid blue" eyes.

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