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G-X. G-X was created by Harry Lee Fellinge and appeared in eleven stories in Ace G-Man Stories from 1939 to 1942, beginning with “Captain of the Corpse Crew” (Ace G-Men, May 1939).

G-X, the "Phantom Fed,” is a man of ordinary looks with a "fighting Irish pan." But he has a gimmick that makes him very effective and the horror of criminals everywhere. He is not tied down to a desk in Washington, DC, or even forced to report to a boss. He is a free agent, in most respects. What's worse (from the perspective of the criminals) is that he doesn't dress like a Fed. G-X wanders around the U.S. dressed like a hobo, accompanied by a real hobo by the name of Sydney Gimp. G-X’s trademark is his symbol, a circle pierced by an arrow with the initials G-X scrawled inside the circle. He leaves his symbol everywhere he goes, and criminals find it everywhere they go.

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