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Futuropolis. Futuropolis was created by “Martial Cendres,” the pseudonym of the French author René Thévenin, and Pellos, and appeared in the story serial “Futuropolis” (Junior, 1937-1938).

In the distant future Futuropolis is the last city of men. It is ruled by the Council of Elders, who enforce peace and guarantee security through an army of powerful robots. When the body of a caveman is found, the Elders dispatch two agents, Rao and Maia, to investigate. They discover that there is a living tribe of cavemen in the wastes outside of Futuropolis. The Elders decree that the cavemen should be enslaved, but Rao, who has fallen in love with one of the cavemen, rebels against this decision and joins with the cavemen. Eventually there is a battle between the cavemen and Futuropolis, and the cavemen win.

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