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Futrell, Daniel. Daniel Futrell was created by Carl Buchanan and Arch Hall and appeared in “Warriors of Eternity” (Astounding Stories, Aug. 1934) and “Discus Men of Ekta” (Astounding Stories, Feb. 1935).

Daniel Futrell is a Planetary Romance Hero. Dr. Daniel Futrell is a scientist who has created the perfect anesthetic: a ray which removes consciousness from the body and temporarily sends it into space. Futrell volunteers to be the first human subject, trusting his friend Hurd to control the experiment. But Hurd betrays Futrell and kills Futrell’s body, leaving Futrell’s spirit to watch as Hurd marries Futrell’s fiancee Margaret. Futrell’s consciousness is then contacted by Mola, an alien woman who takes Futrell to her home planet, Phenos. Phenos is a utopia, except for the Warriors of Eternity, a group of disembodied spirits who are threatening the planet. Futrell helps defeat the Warriors and falls in love with Mola.

In the sequel, ten thousand years in the future, Futrell helps a human scientist perfect the creation of a synthetic being, and then defeats an alien invasion of Phenos.

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