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Fury, Miss. Miss Fury was created by Tarpé Mills and appeared in the comic strip “Black Fury” (later “Miss Fury”) (1941-1952).

Miss Fury is a Costumed Avenger. Marla Drake is a prominent socialite who out of boredom decides to fight crime. Years before she had been given a black leopard skin by an "African witch doctor," and she turns the leopard skin into a skintight costume which she wears as the crime-busting nemesis of gangsters and evil, Miss Fury. Miss Fury is fully as violent as male costumed vigilantes, and is equally willing to use her fists, claws, elbows and knees. During World War Two she takes on Germans and saboteurs in stories which have a high quotient of bondage and torture. She also travels abroad, to Central and South America and into the South Seas.

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