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Fudge, Admiral. Admiral Fudge was created by Harry Dart and appeared in the comic strip “The Explorigator” (The New York World, 1908).

Admiral Fudge is a Planetary Romance Hero. He is a boy adventurer and inventor who creates a dirigible-like aircraft, the Explorigator, and uses it to sail to the moon, where he meets the Man in the Moon, gets caught trying to steal a moonbeam, explores the Moon, and battles the giant, ferocious moon cats. The resolute and stalwart Fudge, who always dresses in a Napoleonic uniform, is accompanied by a group of friends who are also children his age (around nine or ten). Fudge’s friends are Detective Rubbersole (who dresses and acts like Sherlock Holmes), Maurice Mizzentop (who dresses and acts like a sailor), Nicholas Nohooks, Grenadier Shift (who dresses and acts like a British grenadier guard), Teddy Typewriter (the reporter and scribe for the group), and Ah Fergetitt (the racist Chinese stereotype).

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