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Fu Manchu (II). Fu Manchu (II) was created by the pseudonymous “Stephen” and appeared in the Spanish dime novel Fu Manchú #1-12 (1934).

Fu Manchu (II) is a Yellow Peril modeled on Fu Manchu (I). Fu Manchu (II) is altogether a smaller scale threat than Fu Manchu (I) is, although he has the original’s taste for cruelty and torture; Fu Manchu (II) prefers to handle things personally, rather than delegating them to underlings, so that when he needs to blind a column of French soldiers, he does so himself, with a flaying knife, until his arm gives out. Fu Manchu (II) is opposed by a Japanese detective, "Jap" Kung, and a Spanish adventurer, Carlos Laurel, who both manage, after much strenuous activity, to foil Fu Manchu (II)'s plans, which are on the imaginative side: to build a temple in the heart of London where a Mad Scientist can create monsters, assisted by an extremely ugly extraterrestrial being; to ally himself with a pig-headed vampiric Buddha; and to raise an army of cigar-smoking monkeys who will attack oil installations for the glory of Fu Manchu (II).

Unfortunately, some of the Fu Manchú stories are plagiarisms, one being a copy of a Harry Dickson story. (II) is always accompanied by the faithful, monstrous “Moor” Mustapha, whose vocabulary is limited to “Kif!”

Fu Manchu (II) appears in stories with titles like “The Disembodied Voice,” “The Temple of Monsters,” and “The Hundred Ghosts.”

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