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Fresquinho. Fresquinho was created by the Portuguese author Reinaldo Ferreira (Herculano Calafaia, Dr. Duque, Gil Goes, Jim-Joyce, João of Portugal, Juca, Kiá, Musketeer of the Air, John Nobody, João Roxo, Ralph Williamson) and appeared in the story serial “Ilha dos Ladrões” (ABC, Jan 29-Apr 9, 1925).

Fresquinho is a Lupin. He is a smooth and accomplished pickpocket from Lisbon who attends a “congress of thieves” and succeeds in picking the pockets of Fantômas, A.J. Raffles, Lord Lister, and Arsène Lupin as well as lecturing them about their social responsibilities–i.e., that they should prey on the bourgeoisie rather than the proletariat.

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