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Frass, Captain. Captain Frass was created by “John Chancellor,” the pseudonym of Charles de Balzac Rideau, and appeared in Frass (1929) and Return of Frass (1930).

John Frass is a burly, hot-tempered, experienced sailor in his mid-thirties who is sent away for two years for real estate fraud. (Frass was innocent; his partner was not). When he gets out of prison, he has difficulty finding work, and without any other options he goes to work for Roscoe Lengarde, a millionaire who uses his fleet of pleasure boats to smuggle goods cheaply into England from the Continent. Frass hates the job and distrusts Lengarde, but there is one benefit to the position: it keeps Frass close to Tessa, Lengarde’s daughter, who Frass met in Singapore, three years before, and got along famously with. One thing leads to another, and Frass becomes a Wanted Man and is forced to go on the run, but he eventually clears his name, sees to it that Lengarde is chased by the law (he kills himself rather than be caught), and escapes to the high seas with Tessa.

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