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Franklin, Jack. Jack Franklin appeared in the German dime novel Jack Franklin, der Meisterdetektiv #1-41 (1911); his stories appeared in Denmark as Jack Franklin, Verdensdetektiven #1-41 (1918-1919). Jack Franklin is a Great Detective modeled on Nick Carter (I). Franklin is described as being Carter’s former assistant, and on occasion Carter will assist Franklin on cases. Franklin is known as the "World Detective,” and his cases take him around the world, from Bombay to East St. Louis to Warsaw. He fights street apaches in St. Louis, Jim Hundling, a Lupin posing as a detective, and the KKK in Texas. He appears in stories with titles like “The Spy of the Dardanelles Forts,” “The Drama in the Bouillon Cellar,” “The Green Eye of the Madonna,” and “The Mysterious Cross.”

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