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Frankenstein. Frankenstein was created by the Mexican creators Francisco Casillas and Alfonso Tirado (El AlacranHuapactzin, MoabMoctezuma, Dick MorganOceyolotl, Phantom Thief (II), Pirate Queen (III), Karl Rice) and appeared in the comic strip “Frankenstein” (Pepin, Mar. 3, 1937-Nov. 24, 1938).

Frankenstein is a Superhuman. In San Jacinto, Mexico, Dr. Jose del Rio recreates the experiment of Dr. Frankenstein and creates a superhumanly strong zombie who he names “Frankenstein.” Dr. Del Rio’s rival, the Evil Surgeon Dr. Xavier, tries to capture Frankenstein for his own perverse ends, but during the fight between Xavier and Del Rio Frankenstein escapes and begins wandering, accompanied by his faithful dog Titan. Frankenstein lusts for revenge against mankind but succeeds at length in quelling his own thirst for murder.

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