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Francis. Francis was created by the French author Arnould Galopin (Allan Dickson, Francis Dormeuil, Doctor Omega, Fifi, Jack & Francinet, Julot, Monsieur Paturel, George Edgar Pipe, Tenebras, Jean Tixier) and appeared in Aventures d'un Apprenti Parisien #1-100 (1912-1914).

Francis is a twelve-year-old Parisian who is a brilliant inventor, even at his young age. He becomes the apprentice to the kind and wise M. Voirin, and with Voirin and Fabien, a street urchin who Francis rescued from the street, Francis travels around the world in a "hydroaeroplane” of his own creation. Francis visits deserts, jungles, and mountains, and encounters cruel English explorers, attacking hippos & tigers, and various groups of deadly African and South American natives.

Francis appears in stories with titles like "An Act of Heroism," "The Deadly Glacier," and "The Cavern of Ice."

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