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Franc-Hardi. Franc-Hardi was created by the French author Jean de la Hire (Paul ArdentAthos, Porthos & Aramis, Black Corsair, Boy Scout, Nyctalope, Joe Rollon, Three Boy Scouts, Two Kids) and appeared in Les Grandes Aventures d'un Boy-Scout #1-18 (1926).

The adventurous French Boy Scout Franc-Hardi, his sister, eleven other Boy Scouts, and four other girls go on a series of adventures in the "radio plane" of the inventor-engineer Korridès. They visit the Hollow Earth and even travel across the Solar System. When they land on Mars, they find that the native Martians are suspiciously similar to those of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.

Franc-Hardi appears in stories with titles like “Hunting Martians,” “The Heat Ray,” and “Men Without Eyes.”

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