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Fox, Timm. Timm Fox appeared in the German dime novels Timm Fox, der König der Detektiv #1-29 (1919-1921), Timm Fox, der König der Abenteurer #30-49 (1921-1922) and Aus den Geheimakten, Eines Weltdetektvis #1-11 (1921), as well as at least one film, Der Überfall auf den Europa-Express (1921).

In Timm Fox, der König der Detektiv Timm Fox, Fox is a noted German Great Detective modeled on Sexton Blake. In Timm Fox, der König der Abenteurer Fox leaves his detective agency behind and becomes a world-traveling adventurer whose stories verge on the fantastic. He is assisted by his two younger, teenaged assistants, Bob Parker and Patty Ling. During Timm Fox, der König der Abenteurer Fox acquires an arch-enemy, the murderous and blood-thirsty Yellow Peril Sect of the Radiating Sun. The Sect is led by the mysterious Captain Black, who provides the Sect with SCIENCE!, including paralyzing rays, advanced airships, and invisible and teleporting automobiles. Among its other achievements, the Sect bombs New York City and interferes with an attempt by three-eyed Martians to conquer the world, starting on the Canadian-United States border, through their own advanced air ships. For his part, Fox is captured by the Martians and taken to Mars. In Hyänen auf dem Schlachtfelde des Lebens #6, “Die Pyramide von Gar el Hama,” Fox jousts with Gar el Hama, and in Hyänen auf dem Schlachtfelde des Lebens #15, “Nic Carter Contra Timm Fox,” Fox jousts with Nick Carter (I). When not dealing with all that, Fox has to deal with "The Man With Three Heads," the apaches of Paris, the House of Devils, and the Living Death. 

Fox appears in stories with titles like "The Carnage of the Secret Sect," "The Secret of the Martians," and "The Man With Three Eyes."

* I'm including Timm Fox's stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the ideasplosions within them. The Timm Fox stories are prime ideasplosion heftromane. Every issue is either a new fantastic concept or part of one of the ongoing plotlines with imaginatively conceived of villains. It's all great fun, and when you add in the crossovers the Timm Fox stories become even more enjoyable. The various Timm Fox heftromane are underrated in considerations of the great heftromane, I think. 

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