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The Four Musketeers. The Four Musketeers were created by the Austrian author Karl Pöltner and appeared in Weltenbummler. Die Vier Musketiere #1-53 (1935-1937).

The Four Musketeers are heroic German aviators who call themselves by the names of Dumas’ Musketeers. They use technologically advanced aircraft, derived from Captain Mors' technology, and weapons ranging from flame pistols to gas guns, to fight crime and evil men and conspiracies around the world.

The Musketeers' Rogues Gallery includes Moloch, the Seal of Satan, the Yellow Peril Yellow Dragon, the Black Werewolf, the Blue Tiger, the Vampir, the Czar of the Arctic, the Black Legion, the Scorpion, and Achmed the Dervish.

The Musketeers appear in stories with titles like “The Valley of Dreams,” “The Devil Tree,” and “The White Amazon.”

* I'm including the Four Musketeers in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the generally high level of imagination displayed in Die Vier Musketiere. From the beginning, when they (properly) homage Captain Mors, right through the end of the series, every story and every enemy is imaginative and verging on fantastika if not wholeheartedly embracing it. Look at the list of names in their Rogues Gallery! It sings to my pulp-loving heart. 

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