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Flying U Ranch. The Flying U Ranch was created by “B.M. Bower,” the pseudonym of Bertha Sinclair-Cowan (Andy Green, Casey Ryan), and appeared in fifty-three stories and seven short story collections from 1904 to 1950, beginning with “Chip of the Flying U” (The Popular Magazine, Oct. 1904).

The Flying U Ranch is a ranch somewhere on the western frontier of the United States in the 1880s or 1890s. The leader of the ranch hands is Claude Bennett, known as “Chip” because of his fondness for potato chips. Bennett is tall, lean, weathered, and a natural artist. The ranch’s cook is Patsy, its foreman is Shorty, and the older, experienced hand is James G. Whitmore. The only female member of the group is James’ daughter Della, a.k.a. “the Little Doctor,” a young doctor who falls in love with Chip and eventually marries him. Together, the group deals with criminals, natural disasters, coyotes, and the many other threats of the frontier.

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