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Flitmore, Lord. Lord Flitmore was created by the German author Friedrich Mader and appeared in Wunderwelten, Wie Lord Flitmore (1911).

Lord Flitmore is an explorer who has built a spaceship, the Sannah, a globe-shaped craft which uses magnetic-based antigravity. Flitmore takes the Sannah into the solar system to visit the other planets, accompanied by fabulist and liar Captain Munchhausen, the biologist Professor Schulze, and Hank Frieding, Schulze’s young friend. The moon turns out to be wooded, with an Earth-like atmosphere. Mars has reddish plant life and giant insects and worms. Flitmore et al meet the last Martian, who was the only survivor of the earthquake which wiped out his species.

Flitmore et al pass an Earth-like asteroid, a gaseous Jupiter, a spongy, giant-insect-plagued Saturn, and then is caught by a comet and flung toward Alpha Centauri. After several weeks they reach a planet which is circling Centauri. The planet, “Eden,” has a native humanoid race who live for millennia, can fly via a second lung, and are very religious. Hank Frieding falls in love with a native woman, and eventually the group returns home.

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