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Flair, Jean. Jean Flair was created by the French author José Moselli (Browning and Co., Marcel Dunot, M. Dupont, Iko Térouka, Fédor Ivanovitch Sarraskine, John Strobbins, Baron Cesare Stromboli, Jack Temple, Wasili Tchorok, Andreas Vollmer) and appeared in Le Petit Illustré (Mar 28, 1909-Dec 1912, Feb. 7, 1915-Dec. 14, 1919).

Jean Flair is a young French policeman with a particularly strong sense of smell. He prefers action to thought and deduction. During the war, he fights spies in Toulon and Switzerland, is taken prisoner at Verdun, and escapes in Ulm and hijacks a zeppelin, using it to bomb a German city rather than a Russian one. The zeppelin wrecks in Russia, and Flair joins the Russian armed forces. He is sent to Warsaw, where he fights more German spies. Adventures lead him to Danzig, Archangel, fights with wolves, imprisonment in Siberia, escape and being pardoned, fighting more spies in Salonica, fighting the war in the Aegean, being captured and taken on to a U-boat where he is made a test subject by the captain of the submarine, and escaping again, then making his way to Casablanca, where he hears about the end of the war. He returns to France and is named Chevalier de La Legion d’honneur for his troubles.

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