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Filibus. Filibus was created by the Italian creator Mario Roncoroni (Zogar) and appeared in the film Filibus (1915). Filibus is a master thief modeled on Ponson du Terrail’s Rocambole. Filibus is really the Baroness Troixmonde, but in the guise of “Filibus” she terrorizes Sicily from her zeppelin, which is full of technologically-advanced equipment and weaponry. The zeppelin is manned by a staff of mask-wearing, black-skin-suit-clad male assistants who obey the Baroness' commands instantly. The zeppelin is her headquarters and her home, and she descends to land only to rob or to hobnob with the socialites as the tuxedo-wearing dandy Count de la Brieve. At the end of Filibus she eludes her enemy, Detective Hardy and flies off into the sunset.

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