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Fenwick, Charlie. Charlie Fenwick was created by George J. Brenn and appeared in eleven stories and serials in All-Story Weekly and Argosy All-Story Weekly from 1919 to 1925, beginning with “No Publicity” (All-Story Weekly, June 7, 1919).

Charlie Fenwick is a Scientific Detective. He was one of the gimmick detectives, whose existence in the pulps and success within the stories was dependent on a gimmick or technological innovation of some sort. Fenwick's gimmick is the telephone. Fenwick, who is referred to as “the telephone detective,” uses the wonders of the telephone to solve crimes of all sorts. He uses remote microphones, call tracing, and even a primitive form of faxing to catch criminals and stop criminals. Fenwick is a pleasant young man in his early twenties. His Watson is Seth Boyden.

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