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Fenshaw, Lindley. Lindley Fenshaw was created by Joel Martin Nichols, Jr. and appeared in the story serial “The Devil-Ray” (Weird Tales, May-July 1926).

Lindley Fenshaw is the son of a famous California scientist. But Lindley knocked his head on a mirror and lost his memory. Several years pass in which he acts as Ferris, a Lupin. But one day “Ferris” is in the Austrian castle of Baron Blennerhof when another blow on the head (again involving a mirror) restores Fenshaw’s memory. He then discovers that his father is a prisoner in the castle and that Blennerhof plans to use the deadly Purple Ray of the famous scientist Dr. Leipische to restore the Kaiser to power and conquer England and France. Fenshaw finds a plane and uses it to bomb and destroy the Purple Ray, Leipische, the Kaiser, and Blennerhof.

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