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Feep, Lefty. Lefty Feep was created by Robert Bloch (Sebek) and appeared in twenty-two stories in Fantastic Adventures between 1942 and 1946, beginning with “Time Wounds All Heels” (Fantastic Adventures, Apr. 1942). Lefty Feep is a Damon Runyonesque Con Man and loveable loser who encounters the supernatural (in the form of dancing mice and the Extraordinary Average Man) in a series of comedic stories. One typical adventure has Feep meeting the Diminutive Society of the Catskills, the dwarfs who put Rip van Winkle to sleep. They feed Feep a great deal of alcohol, and he sleeps for twenty years. It’s possible, of course, that Feep is a Tall Tale Teller, as he is well known as the “biggest liar in seven states.”

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