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Farrow, Jörn. Jörn Farrow was created by “Hans Warren,” the pseudonym of the German authors Wilhelm and Hans Reinhard (Rolf Torring, Young German), and appeared in Jörn Farrow's U-Boot Abenteuer #1-357 (1932-1937) and Jörn Farrow's U-Boot Abenteuer #1-221 (1951-1960).

Jörn Farrow is the youthful and heroic commander of a technologically-advanced submarine. He and his crew have fantastic adventures around the world, fighting giant squid, Kraken, headhunters, and wicked Englishmen. He fights various Mad Scientists and Yellow Perils, pirates from the Amazon to the Ganges, wicked British and American South Seas Adventurers, evil British submarine captains, the Japanese-Sikh Yellow Peril Mad Scientist Dr. Singh Nokita, unusually intelligent and antagonistic mountain gorillas, “the Moloch of Salang,” “the Vampire of Adelaide,” "the Wizard of the Sargasso Sea," Thuggee, and crocodile cultists. Farrow and his men repeatedly clash with the Yellow Peril villain Lu Wang. Farrow encounters Captain Mors in Jörn Farrow #61 and Rolf Torring in Jörn Farrow #100. In Rolf Torring #92 it is revealed that Jörn's father is a U-boat captain named Hans Farrow. Following World War One Hans Farrow retreated from the victorious Allied forces and hid, with his crew, in a South Sea atoll which Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo had formerly used. (Hans Farrow meets Rolf Torring in Torring’s magazine).

Jörn Farrow appears in stories with titles like “Sumatra Johnny,” “The Slave Ship,” and “The Sea God.”

* I'm including Jörn Farrow in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the ideasplosions in the heftromane he appeared in. You want classic heftroman ideasplosions? You want a long-running character whose every adventure seems to involve fantastika and vivid sfnal concepts? Well, you've come to the right place. Dr. Singh Nokita, intelligent and belligerent gorillas, the Moloch of Salang, crocodile cultists...Farrow's stories have it all. In addition, they engage in those intertextual crossovers that delight me so much. Good clean fun for the whole family to enjoy!

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