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Faraday, Micah. Micah Faraday was created by L.T. Meade (Paul Gilchrist, Diana Marburg, Madame Sara) and appeared in twelve stories which were collected in Micah Faraday, Adventurer (1910).

Micah Faraday is a wealthy young doctor who refuses to be tied down to one practice and wanders about, taking over momentarily for other doctors who cannot fulfill their duties or simply going to Monte Carlo and other places. Naturally, in the course of these jobs, he encounters medicine-related crimes, including his old sweetheart Beatrice being poisoned on her wedding day. The poisoner, a ruthless financier named Harold Fisher, becomes Faraday’s nemesis, and they have a series of tense and danger-filled encounters until Fisher dies of a disease and fails to take Faraday with him.

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