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Faber, Fred. Fred Faber was created by "R. Blasius,” the pseudonym of the German author Karl Richard (Frank Faber), and appeared in Fred Faber's Abenteuer #53-124 (1940-1941).

Fred Faber was the Nazi-approved replacement for Frank Faber, with substantially more racism than Frank Faber had. Fred Faber is a German explorer and adventurer active mostly in Africa and India. He takes part in a race war when native Africans attack German settlers. He fights “the Black Sultan,” cannibals in the Congo, Thuggees led by the “Black Kali,” and various Yellow Perils. Faber is assisted by his German friend Hein Lemke.

Faber appears in stories with titles like “The Demon of Berge,” “In the Ovambo Kraal,” and “Hassan the Fool.”

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