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Faber, Frank. Frank Faber was created by "R. Blasius,” the pseudonym of the German author Karl Richard (Fred Faber) and appeared in Frank Fabers Abenteuer #1-52 (1939-1940).

Frank Faber is an adventurer and explorer whose missions take him around the world, from Kurdistan to Mexico to India. Faber is German-American, and his best friend, Patrick Button, is Irish. Faber fights Thuggees in India, air pirates in the American West, a flaming android called “the Human Torch,” Anja, a Femme Fatale, and slavers in North Africa. He also finds the treasure of the Inca, goes into the Temple of the Death Gods, fights a Yellow Peril, "the Air Gangster," the Black Mask, and Faber's doppelganger.

Faber appears in stories with titles like “Hunting Men in Kurdistan,” “In the Claws of the Puma,” and “The Knight of the Pampas.”

In 1940 Frank Fabers Abenteuer was cancelled by order of the Nazi government, leading Karl Richard to create Fred Faber.

* I've included Frank Faber in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of the ideasplosions within Frank Fabers Abenteuer. Admittedly the heftroman was produced with the permission of the Nazi government, so there's a lot of antisemitism and racism. But I have to give respect to a heftroman that trucks in as many pulpy tropes and plot devices while also demonstrating a little bit of that heftroman imagination. 

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