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Evans, Educated. Educated Evans was created by Edgar Wallace (Ace High, Viola Beech, Brigand, Wireless Bryce, Felix Carfew, Dixon, Elegant Edward, Inspector Elk, Four Square Jane, Dixon Hawke, Heine, Felix Jenks, Just Men, King Kong (I), Larry Loman, Superintendent Minter, Policy Sleuth, Oliver Rater, John G. Reeder, The Ringer, Sanders, York Symon, Tam o’the Scoots, Inspector Wade, Kate Westhanger) and appeared in forty-two short stories, three story collections, and a film from 1924 to 1936, beginning with Educated Evans.

Educated Evans is “The World’s Champion Turf Profit,” or so he calls himself. He’s a Cockney horse race tipster who gets inside information from “such varying sources as the milkman of a distant relative of the boy who does the horse.” He gets into a variety of mishaps, whether in attempting to collect money owed to him or avoid angry clients who lost money because of him.

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