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Evans, Buttons. Buttons Evans was created by Scott Wimberly and appeared in five stories in a variety of pulps in 1945 and 1946, beginning with “Buttons Buys a Town” (Ace-High Western Stories, Mar 1945).

Buttons Evans is a Con Man. Buttons Evans is a swindler from back East who is trying his luck on the western frontier, with mixed success. He’s quite willing to relieve most people of their money, but he is sentimental, and when he sees the poor and downtrodden being oppressed, as when he sees a lame boy almost ridden down by a ruffian, Evans takes action. He is clever, quick with his fists, and willing and able to kill with his guns when he has to. He dresses like an Easterner, wears a derby, and waxes his mustache ends into spikes.

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