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Englishman. The Englishman was created by the Spanish author Jesús R. Coloma and appeared in Entre dos Continentes (1928).

In the future the Spanish monarchy and Portuguese republic have been replaced by the United States of Iberia. Together they are digging a vast tunnel underneath the Strait of Gibraltar, to give the U.S.I. easy access to its North African territories. England is alarmed by the U.S.I.’s tunnel, and—worse for the U.S.I.—England has at its disposal the finances of the International Zionist Conspiracy, which has destroyed Standard Oil and controls global politics. The Englishman, wielding the political and financial power of the IZC, foments a holy war between the Muslims of North Africa and the Christians of the U.S.I. In the ensuing war the Muslims of the world are wiped out and the Europe-Africa tunnel is completed.

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