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Elmer and Pokey. Elmer and Pokey were created by Joe Archibald (Dizzy Duo, Alvin Hinkey, Ambrose Hooley, Kid Tarzan, Willie Klump, Windy Knight, Phineas Pinkham, Hattie Pringle, Walrus & Wishbone, Jonathan Wise) and appeared in forty-eight stories in Sky Birds and Sky Aces from 1931 to 1941, beginning with “Elmer of the Air Corpse” (Sky Birds, Sept. 1931).

Lt. Elmer Hubbard and Pokey Cook are a pair of American aviators fighting the Germans during World War One. They fly Spads, and are capable warriors, but mostly they are well-meaning lazy layabouts who get up to hijinks, involving circus animals and the like, on the front in these “humorous” stories.

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