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Elang Emas. Elang Emas was created by the Indonesian author Joesoef Sou'ib (Enggang Enggap) and appeared in the story serial “Elang Emas Ketawa” (Doenia Pengalaman, January 1939).

Elang Emas is a Lupin. Elang Emas, or “Golden Eagle,” is a wily, sophisticated Indonesian master thief. Described as “the burglar gentleman from the East, a match for Arsène Lupin from Paris and Lord Lister from London,” Elang Emas is based in the port of Belawan but his organization stretches into Japan, China, and India, where his agents are always successful at eluding capture, in large part because Emas plays Robin Hood and is very popular with the average Indonesian. Emas is usually good enough to commit crimes without violence, but he will kill if he must.

Emas is pursued by Indonesian police detectives Caumans and Soufyan, and in several stories by Sir John, who stops Emas’ crimes but does not apprehend him. Emas is described by the Dutch police chief of Medan as a match even for “Holmlock Shears of Scotland Yard” and as “sharp-tongued and wild, even Arsene Leupin [sic] appears docile in comparison.”

* I've included Elang Emas in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because he was archetypal for Indonesian readers and historically important to Indonesia crime fiction. Elang Emas only appeared in one serial, but he provided contemporary and future writers and readers with an icon to be imitated in their own characters and fiction. "Elang Emas Ketawa" was relatively well-written (which definitely helped its archetypal status) and a fine attempt--well, a success--at writing an Indonesian Lupin. Elang Emas struck a chord with readers, and inspired imitations and allusions a'plenty, essentially playing the role of Arsene Lupin, but for Indonesia rather than France. 

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