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Egan, Pop. Pop Egan was created by John Hawkins and appeared in ten stories in Detective Tales from 1937 to 1942, beginning with “Death House Detour” (Detective Tales, July 1937).

Pop Egan has been working at the same newspaper as a reporter for forty years, and it’s worn him down. He’s now drinking not just after work is over, but on the job, to the disgust of his son, Dan, a photographer for the same newspaper. Egan is finally fired for his drinking, but then Dan is murdered and Egan’s friends turn against him. Egan sobers up and tries to get the scoop of his career to avenge his son. Despite everyone thinking he’s a drunk, he gets the story and proves himself and is rehired. He moves in with his daughter-in-law and grandson, Dan, and continues to solve crimes.

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