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Edidin, Jay. Jay Edidin was created by M. Monad and appeared in fourteen stories in Zeppelin StoriesZeppelin Mystery MagazineAstounding, and Air Mystery Stories from 1929 to 1933, beginning with, "The Air Pirate King" (Zeppelin Stories, June 1929). 

Jay Edidin is a Bellem. In a near-future world in which lines of zeppelins crisscross the sky and in which zeppelin businesses are major corporations, Edidin walks the thin line between barely tolerated private investigator and widely loathed hardboiled, wisecracking menace to the capitalist structure of near-future air travel. The recurring theme in the stories is Edidin's distrust and dislike of the zeppelin businesses, which are repeatedly revealed to be corrupt and in desperate need of dissolution, but the content of the stories is pure ideasplosion. Edidin repeatedly fights his Femme Fatale Loving Enemy, Miss Blue, a Con Woman whose career of larceny and light corporate espionage is endangered by Edidin's crime-solving efforts; but he always finds a way to let her go at the end of each story and her attitude toward him is a combination of annoyance and desire. 

Edidin also fights zeppelin pirates from Texas led by Big Jake Dallas. He fights zeppelins fueled by Brains in a Jar and piloted by a Mad Scientist who wants to CONQUER THE WORLD!. Edidin combats a technologically advanced invasion force of Yellow Peril Mongolian and Canadian airplanes intent on bombing Washington, D.C., into rubble and then destroying the rest of the major cities of the United States. Edidin fights Roarg the Mighty, a Lost Race caveman from the Hollow Earth who pilots a biological dirigible on a quest for revenge against the surface world. Edidin solves a locked-room mystery--the theft of the Crown Jewels of Dumnonia--engineered by the English Lupin Monocle Trevor. Edidin destroys a "jellyfish of the air" created by a Mad Scientist to eliminate his fellow mad scientists. Edidin fights a zeppelin full of snake-men created by an Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist, Dr. Null as part of scheme to establish a worldwide cult of the Aztec god Quetzlcoatl. In his final appearance Edidin fights a serial murderer, Martin Ripper, who targets the great detectives of the world while they are attending a conference inside the largest zeppelin in existence; Edidin teams up with Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown, Doctor Thorndyke, and Philip Marlowe to prevent Ripper from killing more detectives. 

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