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Edgeworth, Barton. Barton Edgeworth was created by "Scott Campbell," the pseudonym of Frederick W. Davis (Felix Boyd, Sidney Garth, Jack Lightfoot, Richard Ravenswood), and appeared in nine stories in Detective Story Magazine in 1917, beginning with “Saved by the Dead” (Detective Story Magazine, July 5, 1917).

Barton Edgeworth is a grim and even brutal criminal. He can be sentimental; he refuses to hurt women under any circumstances (his own true love died in his arms), nor will he rob from the poor. But everyone else is fair game. Edgeworth, who is dark-skinned with wavy black hair, dark green eyes, and pearly white teeth, is cunning and adaptable. With his assistant, the Irish stereotype Connie Curran, Edgeworth steals, and steals, and steals. Despite the pursuit of the able Clyde Kelsey, a well-dressed, smooth-talking, highly competent policeman, Kelsey and Curran, often heavily disguised, steal pearls, reward money, the contents of safes, secret papers, and anything else valuable they can lay hands on.

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