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The Earth-Guard. The Earth-Guard was created by J. Harvey Haggard and appeared in “Through the Einstein Line” (Wonder Stories, Nov. 1933), “Evolution Satellite” (Wonder Stories, Dec. 1933) and “An Episode on Io” (Wonder Stories, Feb. 1934).

At some point in the 21st century the police force of the solar system is the Earth-Guard, which is manned by brave young men who investigate a variety of situations. One of these situations is an unknown world between Neptune and Pluto, which eventually leads to a confrontation with armadillo men from another dimension. A second situation is disappearance of passenger ships around Uranus, which leads to a battle with the hyper-adaptive and very aggressive plants of Satellite One. A third situation involves disappearance of Earth-Guard members on the savage, untamed planet of Io, which leads to the discovery of telepathically-controlled artificial men.

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