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Earani. Earani was created by the Australian author Erle Cox (Mendax (I)), and appeared in the story serial “Out of the Silence” (Argus, Apr. 19-Oct. 25, 1919); the stories were collected in Out of the Silence (1925).

Earani is a Superhuman. Alan Dundas, an Australian homesteader, is digging a pit when he uncovers a door into a technologically-advanced subterranean complex. In one chamber lies a woman’s body in suspended animation, along with directions on how to revive her. She is Earani, the survivor of a race which twenty-five million years ago ruled the world with its advanced technology and superhuman mental abilities. Once Earani has acclimated herself to the present she finds it not at all to her liking—there are too many non-whites. One of her ancestors almost wiped out all the non-white races, and she intends to finish the job in the present. Her science is capable of doing so, and her abilities of teleportation and mind control mean that those who oppose her plan are mastered by her. But a jealous farmer surprises Earani and stabs her to death.

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