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Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye was created by the Dutch creator J. Nowee and appeared in the comic book Arendsoog (1935-present); he has also appeared in comic strips and radio shows.

Eagle Eye is a Superhuman. He is Bob Stanhope, the son of English immigrants who moved to the western frontier of the United States in the years after the American Civil War. When Stanhope was sixteen his father was killed by the gang leader and cattle rustler Fred Moulder. This drove Stanhope to dedicate his life first to capturing Moulder and then ensuring that nobody else would experience the same sorrow that he had. Working from a hidden cabin in the mountains, Stanhope and his unusually intelligent horse Lightfeet fight evil men, both Anglo and Native, beginning in the crime-ridden gold rush town of Mining Valley and then expanding his area of operations to include the entire western half of the United States as well as Mexico and Canada.

Stanhope befriends the local Natives, who give him the nickname of “Eagle Eyes” because of his greater-than-human eyesight and who help him see that justice is done. Stanhope’s greatest friend and ally is the native White Feather, who Stanhope eventually converts to Roman Catholicism. Stanhope eventually reactivates his father’s ranch, the S-Ranch, and uses that as his base of operations.

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