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Dzhavakha, Nina. Nina Dzhavakha was created by “Lydia Charskaia,” the pseudonym of the Russian author Lydia Churilova, and appeared in Kniazhna Dzhavakha (1903) and Liuda Vlassovskaia (1904); Dzhavakha’s relatives and friends appeared in Vtoraia Nina (1909) and Dzhavakhovskoe Gnezdo (1912). According to Russian folklore Princess Nina was the daughter of a Georgian prince who helped the Russians defeat the Muslims of Abkhazia in the early 19th century.

Kniazhna Dzhavakha retells this story and embroiders it, with the following three novels recounting the adventures of Nina Dzhavakha’s friends and family in dealing with bandits, Muslims, adults, and other, similar villains.

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