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Dyme, Doctor. Doctor Dyme was created by Oscar Schisgall (Conway Clark, Baron Ixell, Masked Rider (II)) and appeared in three stories in Dime Detective Magazine in 1933, beginning with “Marooned With Murder” (Dime Detective Magazine, Mar. 15, 1933).

Doctor Wellington Dyme is a former Medical Examiner for the city of New York who is now in private practice. He occasionally hires out or lends his assistance to solve crimes, especially those committed by the strange “astounding, half-mad criminal genius,” The Wolf, who wears a black mask, overcoat, and slouch hat. The Wolf threatens thirteen millionaires with death, and those thirteen men hire Dyme to track down the Wolf. Dyme’s cases occasionally verge into the fantastic, as when he investigates deaths caused by a man-eating tree. Dyme wears an old-fashioned cape.

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