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Durston, John. John Durston was created by William Le Queux (Raoul Becq, Villiers Beethom-Saunders, Robert Bleke, Delmasso & Bray, Count Bindo di Ferraris, Theodore Drost, Beryl Gaselee, Claud Heathwaite, William Le Queux, Allan Maclean, Antoine Martin, Harry Nettlefield, Gerry Sant) and appeared in nine stories which appeared in The Rainbow Mystery (1920).

John Durston is a Superhuman. He is a revolutionary educator and is acclaimed by the papers to be “the greatest authority on the psychology of crime in the world.” He also practices a kind of mind control, through the manipulation of colors from the “chromatic centre of ideation,” which he puts to good use in solving crimes and catching spies. He foils the plans of the Broken Cup, a conspiracy of men who can manipulate minds as Durston can, and their duel nearly proves fatal for Durston, although he triumphs at the end.

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