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Ducrot, Cassira A. Cassira A. Ducrot was created by “King Shelter,” the pseudonym of the Brazilian author Patricia Galvão, and appeared in nine mystery stories and one short story collection in 1944 and 1945 beginning with “The Blue Emerald of the Cat of Tibet” (Detective, June 1944).

Cassira A. Ducrot is a French Great Detective who is known as the “Sherlock of the Surete.” Ducrot has some of Jules Maigret’s thoughtfulness and quiet, but the stories are full of intellectual references while at the same time the cases Ducrot takes are usually solved with fists and guns. The stories often have fantastic elements, ranging from a cursed Indian emerald to a castaway from an unknown South Seas people spreading a strange disease among the passengers of the ship that rescued him. Ducrot is Watsoned by the writer King Shelter. 

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